Monday, October 3, 2016

ZIC KOREA X7 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

ZIC KOREA X7 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

10W40 VHVI Technology



ZIC X7 10W-40

  • A 100% synthetic motor oil engineered to deliver outstanding engine protection with VHVI Technology.
  • Helps extend engine life by protecting your engine from wear and keeping the engine clean.
  • Provides excellent performance in both high and low temperatures.
  • Its great friction control technology maximizes fuel economy in vehicles where SAE 5W-30 oils are recommended. 


  • Excellent wear protection and fuel economy
  • Excellent deposit and sludge control for engine cleanliness
  • Excellent oxidation stability and low volatility for longer drain interval
  • Enhanced high and low temperature performance 

SPECIFICATIONS: Exceeds the requirements of API SN 


About SK ZIC, this is a very good product. Be mindful to read below:
What makes ZIC special is their superior quality and performance. ZIC is a well-known lubricant brand from South Korea-based SK Corporation and has been nominated as the No.1 engine oil for 17 consecutive years in Korea by Korea Power Brand Index. Many do not know how great and popular is ZIC in worldwide. Below are some examples

1) Global No. 1 in Group III base oil

SK Lubricants produces a base oil called “YUBASE” that is Number 1 globally in the premium base oil market. High-quality ZIC lubricants formulated with YUBASE are used as factory fill in vehicles produced by global manufacturer

2) Proven Quality by Za Rulem in Russia

ZIC was selected as the best lubricants in Russia in a test conducted by Za Rulem. The quality of ZIC has been proven in the one of the most severe climates in the world.

3) Global partnership with car manufacturers

SK Lubricants supplies lubricants to many vehicle manufacturers around the globe. We have established partnerships with Hyundai Kia Motors, General Motors, Renault Samsung and many others.


Youtube Here for ZIC Korea | [Click Here]

 VHVI Tech by ZIC Korea. VHVI is the Very High Vicosity index technology only specially exclusive successfully developed by some of the lubricant company.
Not all company able to develop this. Great developed product by ZIC Korea.


Offer Here At RM200.00 with Free car wash! No GST!
Free Shipment within Peninsula Malaysia.
Sabah Sarawak Extra RM10.00

Contact/Whatapps/Wechat at 0125217703


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