Monday, October 3, 2016

BLITZ Japan Super Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

BLITZ Japan Super Fully Synthetic Engine Oil



BLITZ® began in the late 1970's as a circuit racing team and eventually developed into a high performance tuning shop. In 1980 BLITZ Co., LTD. was established in Tokyo, Japan. The concept was to produce high performance products without sacrificing the capability if being daily driven, commuter cars. Since then, BLITZ® had been able to produce high performance products for race and street purposes.

  • HVI (High Viscosity Index) combination oil offers excellent heat and oxidation stability coupled with low-temperature mobility. 
  • This improves the fuel mileage and reduces oil consumption while achieving better engine response by forming a strong oil film to the components of the engine.
  • Suitable for all gasoline cars especially high performance & tuned cars      
From Japan Original Blitz site:

This is sell in Japanese Yen: 4800 equal to MYR at: around RM220~260
Offer Here At RM200.00 with Free car wash! No GST!

 HVI technology( High vicosity index), great for all gasoline cars
Confirm can be used for Malaysian all cars type. Old or New car.
 Tested performance: Better pick up compare to local product engine oil.

Free Shipment within Peninsula Malaysia.
Sabah Sarawak Extra RM10.00

Contact/Whatapps/Wechat at 0125217703


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