Monday, October 3, 2016

Castrol Edge UK Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5W40

Castrol Edge UK Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5W40

Who is Castrol?

Castrol is a leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricating oils,

greases and related services to automotive, industrial, marine,
oil exploration and production customers across the world. Headquartered in the UK,
Castrol operates directly in over 40 countries,
and employs approximately 7,000 people worldwide.
Third party distributors market and sell our products locally in nearly 100 other markets.
Our delivery network extends throughout 140 countries,
covering 800 ports and partnering with over 2000 distributors and agents.

Castrol, it’s more than just oil, it’s liquid engineering.

Castrol EDGE 5W40

Castrol the famous oil manufacturer pushed the boundaries of performance to bring you our strongest ever oil Castrol EDGE with TITANIUM FST™.

Castrol EDGE makes it easy to give your engine all the benefits of our strongest,
most advanced synthetic engine oil.
Castrol EDGE boosted with TITANIUM FST™ doubles the oil's film strength,
preventing film breakdown and reducing friction to help maximise engine performance.
This is definitely the right oil for your engine.


Castrol EDGE 5W-40, boosted with TITANIUM FST™ gives you the confidence to demand 
maximum engine performance from today’s latest technology, highly engineered engines 
that operate with tighter tolerances, requiring a high level of protection and low 
viscosity oils.


  • Maximises short and long term engine performance
  • Reduces engine deposits to help maximise engine response
  • Delivers unsurpassed levels of protection across a variety of driving conditions and temperatures
  • Delivers and sustains maximum horsepower for longer, even when under pressure
  • Independently proven to Improve engine efficiency


  • ACEA C3
  • VW 502 00/ 505 01
  • BMW Longlife-04
  • MB-Approval 229.31/ 229.51/ 226.5
  • Meets Ford WSS-M2C917-A
  • Renault RN0700/0710
  • Meets Fiat 9.55535-S2
  • dexos2*
*Suitable for engines requiring GM dexos2 engine oil performance; 
this product may also be used where GM LL-A-025 or LL-B-025 products were originally specified.


What is Titanium is Castrol Edge?
Imagine Titanium is the material build up for Marvel Captain America Shield!

Why buy from us?
Castrol Edge: RM220.00 Now : RM200.00 !
Free Shipment within Peninsula Malaysia.
Sabah Sarawak Extra RM10.00

Contact/Whatapps/Wechat at 0125217703


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